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Ive been really self concious and feeling anger towards my body because im over weight :(


Okay let me tell you a thing.

Once upon a time I really, really hated my body. Until it proved itself to me- let me explain.

When I was really young, like 7 – 14, I was a little tank. I’m talking abs, muscles, and strong thighs. I could run forever and do 30 push ups and kick your ass at any sport. I guess that’s why I was so self conscious when I put on weight. All during high school I was really self conscious. I was ashamed of my body. I was once a champion swimmer and I won every race, no one could beat me. I never swam again after year 7 because I was ashamed to show my body. Deep down I knew I could have beaten most of the girls my age at swimming carnivals but I was more scared of being judged.

It wasn’t until my final year that I realised how ridiculous I had been. There was this musical. Our school always had the BEST musicals. Though we always had shitty themes, this year we were doing Grease. Everyone was so fucking excited, everyone was auditioning. I had the biggest internal battle of my life because I LOVE PERFORMING! Though, I was SO ASHAMED and EMBARRASSED to be seen in front of hundreds that I wasn’t sure I wanted to even audition. Not to mention that all the girls auditioning were perfect and I was this short little chub who wasn’t even half as pretty or talented. So I went for Jan… the ‘fat’ character who loves food, thinking maybe I’d have a chance.

After weeks and weeks of waiting for the cast list, we were all sitting on the floor in the hall waiting in anticipation, except me I was actually sad, for I KNEW that I wouldn’t get a part. I remember looking around at the 40-50 other students auditioning for leads and thinking “who am I kidding?” when I heard my name, and saw everyone’s head turn to look at me. 
“what?” I stood up and the room was filled with clapping and cheering. I was listening out for Jan’s actor and didn’t even hear who I was given.

And fucking guess who I was cast as:

That is me as Sandy. I got the fucking lead. I literally wanted to cry. I looked back at my group of friends who were as shocked as me, because you could only get the role you auditioned for. That means they thought I was so good that they gave me that role over all the girls who specifically auditioned for her. Then my ‘Danny’ ran over to me and picked me up and spun me around and told me how excited and happy he was that I was ‘his Sandy’.

I was picked for my talent. My body and my self-consciousness did not hold me back. My weight meant nothing! And it was then that I realised, my body never stopped me from doing a single thing. I could still dance, and sing, and draw, and do sport, and excel at all my subjects, have heaps of friends, have beautiful relationships, have my loving family, work 3 jobs and fucking ROCK at them. My weight doesn’t hold me back. And it’s only after that time that I learned to LOVE my body.

This is how I used to see myself:

This is how I see myself now:

Your body, is YOUR BODY, and there isn’t a single person who can tell you it isn’t perfect, whether you believe it or not. If a person is nasty to you for the shape of your beautiful body, then they are serious fucking pricks will grow up one day and feel very embarrassed and guilty for doing that to someone. And if not, they’re just fucks and they aren’t worth you to feel upset. It doesn’t matter if you think your body is ‘ugly’ no one else has the right to comment on your body, NO ONE. Not your best friend, your worst enemy or even your mum.

It’s the Medias fault for brain washing everyone into believing that we need to have hipbones and thigh gaps and shit but it’s not true. Not everyone wants them, not everyone thinks they’re pretty, and you don’t need them to be beautiful. That is a personal choice. Some people think that having prominent ribs and tiny thighs is pretty, and it is. Some people think having soft, round bellies is pretty, and it is. Some people think having huge guns and abs, is pretty and it is.

So baby, NEVER EVER feel angry at your body. It gives you life, your body is YOU. Feel confident in yourself and it will show to everyone that you don’t give a shit what they think. And if you don’t look the way you want to look, you can change it. Sure it takes a long time, but you can become almost anything you want. Like, I’m working on getting my arms a little stronger and maybe losing some weight around my tummy. But until then, I know that nothing can stop me from doing what I want, or being happy, and nothing can stop you either.


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Chinese SWAT officer unable to get time off 24 hr shift to take wedding photos. Studio comes to his station instead. [via]



how many times do you think you’ve seen the same bird twice.

out of all the things on this website that have fucked me up this is one of the worst




Qian Hongyan was just four when she lost both her legs. A speeding trucker left her for dead as she crossed the main road in her village of Zhuangshang in southern China. 

For nearly two years Qian was immobile as she didn’t even have enough of her body left to sit up in a wheelchair. Doctors said her only hope of being able to move by herself again would be extensive surgery to allow her to be fitted with prosthetic limbs.Her parents couldn’t afford this treatment. 

Qian’s granddad Yuan came up with a simple but effective treatment to get her moving again. He took a basketball the village boys had discarded and cut a hole just big enough for tiny Qian to fit into, padded the inside with stiff floor mats from his car, then propped her up inside. All of a sudden Qian was able to stabilize herself and was able to by move herself by rolling the ball in any direction she wanted. She supported herself using wooden handles. 

From that day on Qian would not be stopped by any obstacle. She went back to school, started to play with her friends again, and started to get back the life of any girl her age. She began professional swimming training in 2007 and defied the odds of her double amputation to become one of the first members of the Yunnan Youth Swimming Club.

She won three gold medals in last year’s Yunnan Para Games and took a gold and two silver medals at the National Swimming Championship for the Disabled (Under 18) in 2009 before continuing impressively at this year’s Para Games.


I should have added this in the original post but after attention in the Chinese press, Qian traveled to Beijing to receive free artificial limbs at the China Rehabilitation Research Center, a center that has been providing help to the disabled in China for over 20 years. At 18 years old she is ready for her full adult prosthetics. 

This is so important.


Do you ever get jealous of someone who interacts really well with a really close friend of yours, not because you have a crush on your friend or anything but because you’re jealous of how much you pale in comparison to them when you see how much of a better friend they are to the one you’re close to?


Someone’s probably in love with you right now, even though you think you’re boring and stupid and smell bad most of the time, someone probably saw you last week and wiped their sweaty hands on the insides of their pockets and thought about your body under your clothing and about how you would look asleep in their bed



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i just dropped my iphone in the bath

now its syncing